Mark Madsen

Real Estate

A Las Vegas Lending and Real Estate professional since 1999, with experience ranging from managing a Mortgage Branch, to participating in the launch of a successful Property Management Firm.

Online Education

An advocate for homeownership education, Mark started publishing articles online about the housing industry back before MySpace failed and everyone’s mom joined Facebook.

National Speaker

Mark teaches real estate professionals how to increase online traffic through targeted content development strategies, proper website architecture and SEO.

Highlighted Events:

  • Mastery Business Plan 2011
  • NAMB West 2009
  • NAMB West 2010
  • Mortgage Tech Summit 2010
  • Mortgage Tech Summit 2011
  • Mortgage Revolution 2010

Web Development

Earning Trust Through Education

Skilled in developing multi-site mortgage and real estate networks that are built for coverage and designed for conversion.

Mark manages several digital marketing syndicates for a national group of industry partners who specialize in complex programs that promote homeownership and community redevelopment.

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  • HARP Mortgage Lender

    HARP Mortgage Lender

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  • Vegas Home Group

    Vegas Home Group

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